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According to statistics, there are 16 million mentally disabled patients in China, most of whom are special groups that are suffering from the vicious circle between poverty and illness. They are the "hard bones" of the poverty alleviation movements; Some of these patients can't find their way home, some are being locked at home, some are walking on the road with rags, some living on the streets by picking trash, some lost consciousness for their hands and toes in the freezing temperature.Poverty does not only cause tremendous illnesses and deaths, but also cause crisis to the social security. Most of the families of these patients could not afford the expenses of the hospitalization, that is also the reason why the patients walked out of home and become homeless. To solve the problem of poverty relief for these patients, only by charitable or humanitarian actions of taking them for hospitalization can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goal #1 of No Poverty.On February 4, 2019 (Chinese New Year's Eve), when everyone was busy celebrating the Spring Festival with families and friends, Mr. Youyu Zhu, Chairman of the World Human Accountability Organization, rushed to Jilin province of China in the early morning to visit the Jilin Mental Hospital with more than 300 mentally disabled patients, and he treated all the patients with self-cooked dumplings to celebrate the Spring Festival, delivering warmth and caring for those who in need.Chairman Zhu led the WHAO team to visit the patient in Jilin at 4:30 AM in the morning, the youngest patient was only fifteen years old, the oldest was over seventy years old, among them were people with diverse occupations, veterans, teachers, abandoned children, homeless people, and seriously ill patients.Chairman Zhu sat with the patients, feeling and listening to their emotions and pains from each patient one-on-one, silently praying that god bless them...Chairman Zhu sent a bag of fresh fruits and vegetables to every patient, and reminded them to pay more attention to healthy eating...Seeingtheemotionsofhelplessandanticipationfromthepatients,ourmoodbecameextremelyheavy...TheWorldHumanAccountabilityOrganization(WHAO)hopestobringwarmthandhappinesstoeveryoneduringtheChineseNewYear!Wehopethepatientscanlivehealthyandstarttolivealife.PresidentZhupersonallycookeddumplingsformorethan300patientsandprovidedahealthyandnutritiousdinnerforeveryone.WHAO hope that charities that were initiated by individuals will gradually turn into a global movement for everyone. We could not make it without people’s help, we all should work together for social harmony and stability, and work towards building a better tomorrow for the next generation.Since2016,theWorldHumanAccountabilityOrganization(WHAO)hasawiderangeofeducationalandcharitableprogramsandactivitiesacrossAsia,Africa,andNorthAmerica.Wealwaysadvotesocialresponsibilitiesallovertheworld,adheringtothemissionofsolvingglobalissuesbyadvocatingforasenseofresponsibility.Theimportanceofeducationforhumanityisvitalinresolvingthehumancrisis.WewillcontinuetoworkhandinhandwiththeUNSustainableDevelopmentGoalstoraisefundsforsocialwelfareandphilanthropy,andtoprovidecareandhelpforthosewhoinneed.Last but not least, WHAO wish you all a happy new year, may good luck stay with you in the Year of the Pig!
The World Human Accountability Organization (WHAO) and theLegion of Good Will (LGW)joined together to provide essential food supplies and baskets for the holiday. It was a worthwhile campaign that brought smiles and some comfort to 100+ families in the Newark, NJ area. See video below:

“ Dedicated towards building a better tomorrow ”