World Human Accountability Organization Inc.

|History&Time Line|
Packing for smiles - Backpacks for a Bright Future


September 12th


July 18th

Liangshan Torch Festival - Donation to Orphanage
WHAO Vancouver, Canada Local Chapter Established


June 28st



May 24th

The Fourth Time Visit in Liangshan, Sichuan
Celebrate UN Chinese Language Day Tai Chi Event at United Nations


April 20th


March 20th

62nd CSW Parallel Event at United Nations
Celebrate Chinese New Year with Children in Liangshan, Sichuan


February 16st


December 26th

Canadian World Friendship and Collaboration Festival
Liangshan Adoption Program


November 05st


September 14th

Helping Cancer Patients
Poverty Relief Program in Sichuan


August 15st


August 07th

GHANA - Career Development Day
GHANA local Chapter Established


July 12nd


July 07st

WHAO Held Global Sustainability Development Conference at United Nations
Southeast China - Massive Flooding Relief


April 10st


June 21st

WHAO Officially Registered in New York

2016 BORN


Former President Bill Clinton once said, “We all do better when we work together. Our differences matter, but our common humanity matters more.” Teamwork and collaboration are the building blocks for maximizing every human’s potential. Through building partnerships between businesses, NGOs, governments and individuals, we create the ability to work smarter, to transform lives and communities everywhere, and to find solutions to today’s issues, resulting in a better tomorrow.

The World Human Accountability Organization (“WHAO”) is dedicated to taking a multi-faceted approach towards building a better tomorrow. These initiatives can be broken down into the following areas:

                                      Improving global healthcare access and care
                                      Eliminating poverty
                                      Creating economic opportunities
                                      Protecting the environment
                                      Fostering cultural awareness
                                      Promoting education
                                      Striving for world peace
                                      Giving back through philanthropy

The WHAO believes that focusing on these eight areas can significantly impact the lives of millions of people worldwide. Through collaborating with others, we can develop synergistic alliances that can touch more lives than working alone. In the end, it is our responsibility as humans to help one another, and the impact of partnering together will inspire others to do the same for generations to follow.

The World Human Accountability Organization (“WHAO”) is dedicated to taking a multi-faceted approach towards building a better tomorrow. The WHAO's approach includes improving global healthcare access and care, eliminating poverty, creating economic opportunities, protecting the environment, fostering cultural awareness, promoting education, striving for world peace, and giving back through philanthropy.

“ Dedicated towards building a better tomorrow ”