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Zero Discrimination Day

Abstract:Laws must protect, ‘not reject’ says UNAIDS chief on Zero Discrimination Day March 1, 2019 Every person’s right is protected in the Universal Declarat...

Laws must protect, ‘not reject’ says UNAIDS chief on Zero Discrimination Day


March 1, 2019


Every person’s right is protected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but discrimination is an issue. Because of discriminatory laws and bills, some people aren’t able to freely exercise their human rights. Michel Sidibé, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, explained: “Laws should protect, not reject. Every person has an equal right to be treated with dignity and respect.”


On March 1, the United Nations celebrates Zero Discrimination Day, which intends to celebrate the advocacy and activism that brings the world closer to zero discrimination.

Discrimination is rampant in a number of countries. 59 countries have mandatory HIV testing for marriage, work or residence permits for certain group of people. Last year, at least 20 countries set travel restrictions against people with HIV; 17 countries criminalized transgender people. Even with all the progress with same-sex marriage, same-sex sexual relations were criminalized in at least 67 around the world.

UNAIDS is currently advocating for specific actions that all parties can take to tackle discrimination. They include reviewing legislations, joining Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and being an ally to someone affected by discrimination. Mr. Sidibé said “All countries must carefully examine their laws and policies in order to ensure equality and protection for all people, without exception.”

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